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Mike Jones holds multiple degrees in physical education, sociology, and biology. His experiences have been many and they are varied. He has worked in Federal Corrections, been a professional model, a probation officer, director of physical therapy, and done professional scouting. He holds numerous physique titles on state and regional levels, as well as placing high nationally. Businesses he has owned and operated are as follows: South Pacific Imports, Inc., The Men and Women’s Mid-America Physique Championships, a School of BodyBuilding and Certification, and a meat smoking business. He has served as a physique judge for the A.A.U. and the N.P.C. at all levels of competition, as well as a board member for numerous zoo organizations. Currently he resides in Sherman, Texas where he owns and operates Treetop Exotics, a private animal enterprise that supplies zoos and other private breeders.

Mike Jones

Years of Competition

1966 - 1982

Jr. Mr. U.S.A.

4th Runner Up

Regional 1st Places

Mr. Gulf Coast - Best Arms

Mr. Southwest U.S.A.

Mr. Iron Man of the Southwest

Mr. Southern Ozark

State 1st Places

Mr. Texas - Best Arms - Best Back - Best Abdominals

Mr. Greater Oklahoma - Best Chest - Best Back

Mr. Lone Star State

Mr. Greater Arkansas - Best Arms - Best Back

                                      Best Legs - Best Poser

Miscellaneous 1st Places

Most Muscular Sub-Division of Mr. Confederate States

Mr. East Texas

Mr. General Dynamics

Strength and Health Man of the Month

East Texas Powerlifting Championship - Heavy Weight (220lbs - 242lbs body weight)

Stephen F. Austin University Intramural Powerlifting Championship - Heavy Weight (220lbs - 242lbs body weight)

All Time Best Total - 1,630 lbs.