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The Last Werewolf

An Overview of the Werewolf Trilogy

Supplementary 1 - 3

    As the dark ages ended, only one werewolf was still alive. The ones who were unable to control themselves had all been killed by humans and other werewolves. The surviving ones who could manage themselves during the change had become instruments of the church. Their job was to kill demons and vampires. These few were labeled, “The Hounds of God”.

    A female, born from both werewolf parents was the last of her kind. The world was changing rapidly, and she had become obsolete. Rather than face the oblivion of her species, she vanished for over 500 years into a neighboring dimension. Occasionally she visited her home world, Earth, and this is where she infected a modern day human whose name was Animal-X.

    The man called Animal followed her through the dimensional portal into an 11th century earth type civilization. The new world held many lethal surprises. Besides beastmen, bizarre humanoids, and sentient plant life, there was also a duplicate of old Rome and ancient Egypt. All the creatures from Greek mythology were there.

    Animal-X pursued her through Purgatory, where all the exiled had been cast out. There were vampires, fallen angels, valkyries, demons, a host of elementals, and even an artificial life form to contend with. Although occasionally reunited, she and Animal continued to be torn apart by circumstances and events. The venture continued into the very bowels of Hell itself, culminating in an all-out-war.

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